How often do you think about sex?

Women with secret about sex

There’s a common belief that men think about sex A LOT more than women, but a 2012 study published in the Journal of Sex Research challenged this notion. According to that study, men do think about sex (and sleep and food) more often than women, but not as much as previously thought.

According to the study, the median number of young men’s thoughts about sex was almost 19 times per day. Young women in the study reported a median of nearly 10 thoughts about sex per day.

Tellingly, a participant’s comfort with sexuality, not their biological sex, was the best predictor for which person would think about sex the most.

“If you had to know one thing about a person to best predict how often they would be thinking about sex, you’d be better off knowing their emotional orientation toward sexuality, as opposed to knowing whether they were male or female,” said Terri Fisher, professor of psychology at Ohio State University’s Mansfield Campus. “Frequency of thinking about sex is related to variables beyond one’s biological sex”.

Furthermore, it’s important to correct this stereotype about men’s sexual thoughts. “It’s amazing the way people will spout off these fake statistics that men think about sex nearly constantly and so much more often than women do,” she said. “When a man hears a statement like that, he might think there’s something wrong with him because he’s not spending that much time thinking about sexuality, and when women hear about this, if they spend significant time thinking about sex they might think there’s something wrong with them.”