How fascinating do you find your lover?

How fascinating do you find your lover?

December 11, 2015

Sexy lover with roses covering her eyesHow important is “fascination” and how does this impact a sexual relationship? A Swiss research team came up with a questionnaire to find out.

Try answering these questions on a scale of 0 (not at all) to 4 (very much). 

  1. I’m trying to see, above all the good side of my partner.

  2. I turn a blind eye to my partner’s errors, faults and habits.

  3. Although I see the quirks of my partner, I can accept them.

  4. I see less today of what I found fascinating about my partner in the past.

  5. The nature and behavior of my partner bug me now more than ever.

  6. Although some things bother me a bit, I still see plenty of beautiful and positive sides to my partner.

  7. It’s amazing how much I could be blinded by love for my partner.

  8. I still love my partner, even though I now know better about my partner’s weaknesses.

  9. I keep discovering fascinating new sides to my partner.

  10. What’s really important to me, I find it in my partner.

  11. I’m still inspired by my partner.

To calculate your score, exclude questions 4 and 5 and add up your scores for the other items. For questions 4 and 5, you’ll reverse the scale ( if you answered “very much,” you count it as 0). The maximum score is 44. If you score 22 or less, you’re considered on the low end of the scale.

What does it all mean (aside from being a handy relationship inventory)? As predicted by the researchers, higher fascination scores correlated with greater sexual satisfaction…but mostly for women.

Women who stated they were more fascinated with their partners also reported greater sexual satisfaction and sexual desire.

The research team concluded, “Overall, it can be argued that women need a certain level of fascination, closeness and intimacy for their partner to fully engage and enjoy sexuality.”

Men, on the other hand, seem to experience their sexual satisfaction independent of other factors and rely less on context.

So, if women are more sexually responsive to more fascinating partners. what can men do to increase their fascination factor? Initiate conversations, engage emotionally, be interested and interesting. Or just ask the woman in your life.


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