Does sexting benefit couples?

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Generally, we’re in favor of putting the phones away at home (face-to-face interaction is so much more…well, satisfying), but what about sexting your partner?
There was a time when couples relied on love letters to communicate and most experts in the modern age agree that emails and texts to your partner help to increase couple-closeness. Sending a saucy text can be a way to keep the flame burning or let your partner know you’re thinking of them…naked.
In a recent study, 870 people ages 18 to 82 filled out an online survey about sexting. Overall, 88 percent of the participants said they had sexted with at least one person in their lifetime. Another 74 percent said they sexted in a committed relationship, and 43 percent said they sexted during a causal relationship. Only 12 percent admitted to sexting with someone else, while cheating on their partner.
Despite its sometimes negative reputation, sexting was found to be correlated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction overall, as long as the sexting was welcome. Satisfaction tended to drop if the sexts were unwelcome.
Our take: Make sure you and your partner are on the same page, and then do what makes you both feel good.