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Girl covering lovers eyes

Are you looking for things to fill your "fifty shades of grey" sex room? Neither were we, but we do think there are plenty of healthy products out there that can help provide better sexual wellness for all. Unfortunately, most of the time you have to stumble through a sea of poorly made, toxic materials and graphic imagery just to arrive at a place between desperation and confusion. Why is this? We honestly don't know but feel we all deserve better.

At bunnyjuice we think everyone should have access to the latest products and information promoting a healthy love life and more importantly we want people to feel comfortable, not overwhelmed, when shopping for these intimate purchases. Our mission is to create an experience that feels comfortably adult and while it my be too tame for some we're hoping it's just right for most. We work hard at curating items that are safe, reliable and non-intimidating. They’re partner friendly and are selected to leave you feeling good and feeling good about your purchase.

Our collections will change from time to time so please check back for our latest offerings and blog insights. As always we love your feedback and encourage your questions our comments. This site is for all people who want a better love life and with your help it’s our goal to give it to you.

Happy Hopping ~ bunnyjuice