pastease flowers

When you're out to tease, Bunnyjuice loves Pastease. The best pasties and cover ups we’ve come across. Ideal for spicing up any situation or as an alternative to sexy lingerie or bikini tops. Combine them with a sheer top, lingerie, g-string, micro-bikini or keep them hidden for that special reveal. Perfect for the pool, club, bedroom or anytime you’re feeling fun and sexy.

When properly applied, Pastease® will stay on in most any condition. Pastease® are skin safe but can cause minor irritation after extensive wear. Discontinue use if you have irritation. DO NOT USE if you have sensitive skin, open cuts, depigmentation issues or sun-burned skin. Have fun but use Pastease® at your own risk.

White Flowers with Pink patches made of soft yet durable waterproof felt materials.

Dimensions: 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall

Coverage Diameter: 2.17 inches